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BEPRO Documentation and development came from the idea that developing platforms shouldn´t be hard, neither in blockchain in ages.

Gaming, Betting & DeFi systems should be easy to integrate and to access from any designer or front-end developer

That´s why we´ve put all code public and to the use of the community to create the biggest source of code for Gaming 3.0

The code base for Gaming 3.0

We are a Code-as-a-Service protocol providing technology and support for blockchain-based applications.


Certified & Robust Libraries

Our code, libraries and smart contracts were audited by Red4Sec, Certik & ITechLabs

Our Products

Our Products can be divided in 2 categories, which are based on two different setups, on the on-chain side a fully working product ready for easy integrations from Staking, Farming, Gaming, Prediction Markets, NFT, Betting etc..

And on the other side, in the off-chain betting system ready to get hosted, integrate a couple APIs and compete with players like bitcasino,, and other providers




Off-Chain Betting

Updated 5 months ago

SDK Quick Start

Get Started in BEPRO

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